Your clients need to understand where and how they can benefit from cloud solutions from HP. Below are pointers for you to cloud news and resources from across HP, whether you are a Cloud Solution Provider, Cloud Builder or Cloud Service Provider.

Converged Cloud, the industry's first hybrid delivery approach and portfolio based on a common cloud architecture spanning traditional IT, private, managed, and public clouds.

HP's unique architecture lets you move IT workloads seamlessly between different service models. HP Converged Cloud gives you options to deploy the best method of delivery for any given task in a hybrid IT environment. Blend private and public cloud with traditional IT. Automatically scale services up or down. You manage them or we manage them. The cloud is at your command.

HP Converged Cloud (HPCC):

  • Enables you to build, manage, consume, and secure hybrid IT environments to take full advantage of cloud solutions wherever you are and at any time you want
  • Is based on a single cloud architecture that includes HP's market-leading Converged Infrastructure, Management & Security software, Information Management portfolio, and hardened open source technology from the OpenStack™ project
  • Allows businesses to deliver IT innovations with greater speed and agility, while reducing overall costs.

Summary of the HP Converged Cloud announcement

  • HP Cloud Maps – HP now offers over 100 pre-packaged HP Cloud Maps—common applications that can be downloaded quickly into a service catalog for simple, push button deployment.
  • HP Service Virtualization 2.0 – Enables customers to test the quality and performance of cloud or mobile applications without disrupting production systems.
  • Virtual Application Networks – Speeds application deployment, automates management, and ensures network service levels in delivering cloud and virtualized applications across the FlexNetwork architecture.
  • HP Virtual Network Protection Service – Leverages best practices to set the baseline for security at the network virtualization management layer to help mitigate common threats.
  • Network Cloud Optimization Service – Helps clients enhance their network to improve cloud-based service delivery up to 93% compared to traditional download techniques.
  • HP Cloud Services – Available as a public beta as of May 10th; this service has been in private beta since October, 2011.

Benefits & services

Partner information

  • HP Customer Education for the Cloud – HP offers a wide range of training classes on the Cloud, all the way from a Cloud overview to a 2-day Cloud Simulation, to advanced training on ITIL. And AllianceONE members receive a 10% discount on Customer Education (may not be available in all countries). For more information on how to sign up for classes and take advantage of the 10% discount, go to Equipment offerings and click on your country or region.
  • Cloud and Security Lab – Interested in understanding some of the cutting edge research HP is doing in the cloud? The HP Cloud & Security Lab, part of HP Labs, is focused on making the cloud flexible, dynamic and scalable to meet the needs of the largest enterprise business, while being trustworthy and secure enough to meet even the toughest government requirements. Published papers from the lab are available on their web site.
  • Join the conversation on our blogs: Grounded in the Cloud and Scaling the Cloud – Grounded in the Cloud and Scaling the Cloud are two HP blogs worth tracking. They're great places to learn the latest HP news, as well as catch interesting interviews with HP cloud experts.
  • Follow HP CloudSystem on twitter – the hashtag is @HPCloudSystem

Benefits & services

Partner information


  • Download "Programming HP CloudSystem Matrix For Dummies" – Learn how the HP CloudSystem integrates servers, storage, networking, security, and management to automate the application to infrastructure lifecycle for hybrid service delivery management.
  • HP Developer Resource Center for CloudSystem – a rich set of toolkits, white papers, and documentation designed to help developers build their cloud solutions quickly and easily. Check back for new content regularly.
  • Cloud Maps – HP Cloud Maps are an easy-to-use navigation system which can save you and your clients days or weeks of time architecting infrastructure for applications and services. HP Cloud Maps accelerate automation of business applications on the HP CloudSystem Matrix so you can reliably and consistently fast-track the implementation of service catalogs.


Benefits & services


  • HP CloudAgile Service Provider Program – The goal of this specialized program is to increase the adoption of services offered by HP Service Providers—helping to create innovative business models and new partner revenue streams available only through HP.
  • AllianceONE Products and Services Catalog – Be sure to add your new Cloud solutions to the Products and Services Catalog. This ensures HP customers can find your solutions quickly and easily, increasing your sales potential.


  • Cloud Centers of Excellence – these demonstration sites are hosted by HP and HP reselling partners where you and your customers can experience a variety of Cloud Computing solutions. Certified and skilled HP partners will demonstrate cloud solutions, capabilities and functionality. The CCoE sites are based upon the HP CloudSystem integrated platform of building and managing services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Benefits & services