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As an AllianceOne member you get access to the TestDrive Center which provides you with the infrastructure you need to test and validate the interoperability of your applications in a virtual environment -at no cost- built with the latest HP technologies.

How it works

The TestDrive Center is a platform which allows developers to remotely test their applications on different operating systems including: HP Helion CloudSystem v8.1, HP CloudSystem v7.2, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, RedHat Linux and SUSE Linux.

All registered AllianceOne members can request access to this lab environment allowing you to have full administrative rights 24/7. This easy-to-use interface is highly secured and can be accessed anytime.

Getting access to the TestDrive Center requires these simple steps:

Learn all the details – access the TestDrive Center Brochure.

TestDrive Center - Operating Systems

HP Server Partner Program Test Environment
Verify the interoperability of ISV applications on any of the products in the HP server portfolio – including Rack and Tower, MicroServers, HP BladeSystem and Hyperscale servers.**

HP Helion CloudSystem v8.1*
Test your applications in a CloudSystem v8.1 environment. Access the administrator’s console, CloudSystem self-service portal to experience the entire process of an IaaS cloud solution.

HP CloudSystem v7.2*
This service offers a complete virtual CloudSystem v7.2 environment. Experience the entire process of an IaaS cloud solution and create your own service catalog with workflows.

Linux and Windows
This environment will allow you to test your application on HP’s systems with Linux and Microsoft® Windows®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SuSE Linux.

*You must be a member of the CloudSystem Partner Program to access the CloudSystem 8.1 and 7.2 testing environments.

**For active HP Server Partner Program members only. Visit the program page for full details.

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