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Q: How long has HPE had a developer partner program?
A: HPE has partnerships that go back more than 20 years. The foundation for HPE AllianceOne, the HPE Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP), began in September 2001. With the latest refresh of AllianceOne, HPE continues to evolve and enhance the developer partner program by supporting partners in creating the best client solutions on HPE's leading technologies and platforms.

Q: How do partners benefit from AllianceOne?
A: With HPE AllianceOne, our Alliance Partners—including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Service Providers and System Integrators (SIs)—team with HPE to deliver solutions that can be integrated and tested across servers, storage, management software, networking, security and services.

AllianceOne gives you the framework, tools and resources you need to have a successful collaborative relationship with HPE. Building on HPE's innovative technologies and platforms, we can deliver leading solutions that seamlessly fit within the current data center—across the enterprise, network, branch office or SMB—while helping clients prepare for the future.

Together, we can offer clients the widest choice of the industry's best solutions, leveraging the strengths of HPE's Converged Cloud and Converged Infrastructure architectures. We can help any client—from small to large enterprise—speed time to deployment, optimize infrastructure capacity, reduce power consumption and free resources.

Q: How do clients benefit from AllianceOne?
A: The AllianceOne program offers excellent value to our clients—helping our sales teams drive faster sales and increase client satisfaction. Clients value the choice of your secure, best-in-class solutions built on HPE's leading technologies and platforms.

Q: What does the partner agreement commit me to?
A: For specific details, please see the membership agreements.

Q: If I'm interested in partnering with HPE, whom should I contact?
A: You can apply to become an AllianceOne Partner by visiting the AllianceOne program website. On the site, on all pages, you will see a link titled 'contact us' which has contact information for the AllianceOne program centers, both email and phone numbers.

Q: Is AllianceOne available worldwide?
A: Yes.

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