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The HP Networking Specialization program within AllianceOne provides you with exclusive tools, resources, support, and numerous other benefits to help you develop and deliver applications or services that capitalize on integrated networking for business advantage.

Offer your customers higher quality, differentiated solution experiences. Collaborate with HP on exciting opportunities such as :

Develop and market Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications

Build new or enhance existing applications or services to integrate business defined, dynamic network services via the open-standards based, service rich HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller and the market leading portfolio of OpenFlow switches . Take advantage of:
  • Complete SDN application development environment
  • Exclusive alliance benefits to assure application success
  • Sales opportunities via the up and coming HP SDN App Store.

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HP Networking application delivery module integration

Integrate your application with a module that’s directly embedded in a switch or router to offer customers superior communication performance; reduced risk; plus optimal use of space, power and cooling.

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Plug-in for HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)

Enhance your application to interface with and leverage IMC services to offer single pane-of-glass management. Once a member, you will have access to the IMC APIs and development resources.
HP Networking delivers simplicity with a unified consistent standards-based architecture from the application — in your data center or the cloud — to the user — in headquarters, branch or mobile.

Virtual Application Networks is a framework for automating network operations using HP’s industry-leading software-defined network technology to deliver the agility required for business to respond in minutes, not months.
Join the revolution to redefine how the network behaves by building or enhancing your application with dynamic network services that easily extend across your customers’ campus, branch or data center networks with OpenFlow support.

Differentiate your application with Software Defined Networking (SDN) to achieve :
  • Automated deployment of network policies
  • Higher quality of service with real-time communications
  • Advanced security, availability, and scalability
  • New business focused innovations

The HP SDN Software Developer Kit (SDK) and HP VAN SDN Controller software is available for download by all innovation engineers via the
HP SDN Dev Center.

As an HP AllianceOne Networking Specialization partner, you receive additional, exclusive benefits to assure your SDN application success. Benefits include :
  • Training and events, such as SDN Developer Workshops

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    Click here to receive invitations to SDN application developer training events.

    SDN Developer Workshops are exclusively for HP AllianceOne partners committed to developing SDN applications with the HP VAN SDN Controller and marketing those SDN applications via the HP SDN App Store. Attendees receive interactive, hands-on guidance to develop SDN applications that capitalize on dynamic, customized network behavior to meet service or business needs on demand.
  • SDN application development support
  • Secure access to remote SDN lab
  • Steep discounts on HP Networking software and equipment for development purposes
  • Validation testing
  • Alliance community forum
  • Ability to market your app via the HP SDN App Store
  • Joint customer support possibilities
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Plus, AllianceOne benefits


SDN Dev Center

A community of open resources for application innovation

SDN Ecosystem Alliances

Join the leading edge alliance partners working on SDN applications or services

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AllianceOne Networking Specialization Program Application

You have the opportunity to integrate your application with an applicable HP Networking delivery platform to help your customers achieve faster ROI and greater application performance. Application delivery modules include :
  • Services zl Module series for the 5400zl, and 8200zl switch series
  • MSR Open Application Platform (OAP) Modules for the MSR30-16, 50-40 or 50-60 series routers

Any application that can be run under Citrix XenServerTM, or VMware vSphere can be loaded onto one of these modules. Applications run on a dedicated processor, allowing you to utilize the full capability of the module without slowing the switch management and operations. Each module has a direct Ethernet link (Gigabit or dual 10Gigabit) into the backplane/switch fabric ensuring low-latency direct connection into the network.

Once integrated, you can offer your customers an unrivalled package containing switch, management and your application embedded, ideal for integrated deployments such as branch or retail. If you elect to sell a total solution embedding the HP components and your software into one unit, HP also offers an OEM program which you can use to get preferential pricing amongst other benefits. http://hp.com/go/oem

View current HP Networking application delivery service modules.

Join now to gain access to discounted development equipment, technical support and joint marketing.
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AllianceOne Networking Specialization Program Application
The AllianceOne program is designed to offer our partners extensive benefits that will help us jointly deliver customer focused, industry leading, networking based solutions to collaboratively increase market share and increase customer wins while reducing the total time to market.

As a member of the HP Networking Specialization of the AllianceOne program, you will be able to take advantage of a number of additional benefits, which include, but are not limited to:

Technical Benefits:
  • Access to free HP Networking Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Substantially discounted HP Networking products for development purposes
  • Access to members only HP Networking technical tools and resources
  • Technical training and development support
  • Where applicable, you may also be eligible to receive technical roadmap briefings covered under a non-disclosure agreement

Sales Benefits:
  • Support for sales opportunities, with ability to directly contact the HP Networking Program Management Office for sales escalations and support.

Additional SDN benefits

Program Benefits:
  • Support of a dedicated HP Networking Program Management Office.

Plus, all of the AllianceOne program benefits.
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AllianceOne Networking Specialization Program Application

To join the HP Networking Specialization program for AllianceOne, you must have or develop commercially available applications or appliances that you intend to work with HP networking or be a provider of managed or professional services for applications that are offered through the HP Networking ecosystem. In addition, you must complete the following membership requirements:
  • Become an AllianceOne Member: Membership to the AllianceOne program is free. If you are currently not a member of AllianceOne, register here. If you are a member of AllianceOne, your username and password is required to register for the HP Networking Specialization. If you have forgotten your password or need assistance setting up a new one, please contact the regional AllianceOne Program Center nearest you.
  • Complete the HP Networking Specialization program application: You must satisfactorily complete and submit the HP Networking program application here. Upon the successful completion of the application, the HP Networking program management office will review your information. HP might require an accreditation process. The accreditation process involves an analysis of your fit within the HP Networking program. This process is designed to ensure that the alliance partners meet HP Networking requirements for quality, and have the ability to provide product development, delivery and support.

After you’ve completed the prerequisites and the accreditation process successfully, and have been invited to join the HP Networking Specialization program, you can get access to the additional tools and resources that are only available to HP Networking members.

Please note that HP Networking reserves the right to accept or reject program registrations at its sole discretion.

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