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Working together, we can achieve more. That's the spirit of the HP Enterprise Management Alliance Program. This partner program is driven by HP's focus on delivering value-added partner solutions for hardware and software companies who extend or enhance HP Software Solutions.

HP Software Enterprise Management Program (aka EMAP) is intended for ISVs interested to build solutions on top of our Enterprise Software IT Operation Management & Application Delivery Management products. EMAP is part of our HP Software Technology partner program (TAP).Partnership requires invitation, and annual fees apply upon signing a HP Software partner agreement.

EMAP offers integration tools and technologies, interoperability testing, partner integration certification, technical support, and marketing services, to software companies who complement and leverage our IT Performance Suite by integrating with our HP Software products.

HP Software has designed EMAP to enable the rapid development and delivery of high-quality integrated solutions. EMAP provides development software, technical resources and validation programs to decrease your time-to-market and increase your opportunity for success.

Partners can create applications that provide complementary functionality to specific HP Software products like these.

IT Operation Management Product Centers:

SPM (Service & Portfolio Management)

  • HP Service Manager
  • HP Asset Manager
  • HP Project & Portfolio Management
  • HP Universal CMDB
  • HP Universal Discovery

CA (Automation & Cloud Management)

  • HP Cloud System Automation
  • HP Operation Orchestration
  • HP Server Automation
  • HP Database Middleware Automation

BSM (Business Service Manager)

  • HP Operation Manager (OMU; OMW; OMi; Service Health Analyzer; etc)
  • HP Network Node Manager (NNMi; Network Automation; etc)
  • Application Performance Manager (Service Level Management; Business Process Insight)
  • HP SiteScope

Application Delivery Management Product Centers:

ALM (Application Life Management)

  • HP LoadRunner (Diagnostics; etc.)
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (Quality Center; Application Lifecycle intelligence)
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (Sprinter; QuickTest Pro)
  • HP SOA Systinet
  • HP Business Process Testing
  • HP Performance Center

Mobile Service Automation (via HP Anywhere Program)

  • HP Mobile App Solutions (Mobile Testing; Mobile Monitoring; etc.)
  • HP Anywhere (Service Virtualization; Access Catalog)
Benefits of the Enterprise Management Alliance Program

Here's a summary of core benefits your company can gain with partnership in the program:
  • Leverage HP Software's market leadership
  • Increase market presence with HP management solutions for the Adaptive Enterprise
  • Increase revenue potential through marketing services
  • Provide customer assurance of predictable installations with interoperability testing and integration certification
  • Accelerate time to market with competitive solutions by using HP integration tools, technologies, and services
  • Deliver incremental value to your customers by providing comprehensive solutions
  • Gain greater visibility for your products via HP’s software partners
  • Understand key software technology trends and HP product direction

Please visit the EMAP benefits page for a complete list of benefits in this program.
HP Software Technology partner programs (EMAP; IMAP; ESP) have two levels to choose based on your needs to implement and test your integrations / connectors (Silver level); or to additionally certify, deploy and go to market with your solutions (Gold level).

You may be eligible to become an HP Software Technology partner at the Silver or Gold level. At either level, you can access to a wide range of technical tools, services, and information. Yet, each level offers distinct benefits, accompanied by appropriate requirements.

Here is how to learn more about these partnership levels:

Silver Technology Partner

The Silver Technology Partner designation entitles you to the benefits in the Silver Technology Partner column on the benefits page. There is an annual partnership fee, and your company must meet our requirements for this level.

Gold Technology Partner

The Gold Technology Partner designation entitles you to the benefits in the Gold Technology Partner column on the benefits page. There is a higher annual partnership fee than Silver-level partnership, and your company must meet more stringent requirements for this level.
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