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Strengthening each other's futures
We're better together.
You are an independent software vendor (ISV) developer or a system integrator (SI) with a unique storage software solution or tool. You may be an independent hardware vendor (IHV). We are the world's largest storage company, Number One in storage technologies: The ones who delivered modular, open systems and SANs long before anyone else and the ones who've had storage-as-a-utility technologies available for years.

Together, we are industry trendsetters.
You know your markets, your audiences, your technologies. You've got a strong development organization, eager sales team and impressive marketing strategies and people. We've got industry leading development groups, a worldwide, award-winning sales and support infrastructure, and forward-thinking vision. Plus, a long history of successful partner programs.

Together, we are formidable.
It begins now, with the HP Storage Management Initiative-Specifications (SMI-S) Developers Program (SMI-S DP), designed for third-party vendors - for you.

It's designed to help you develop and market your storage management solutions for HP storage platforms. In return, HP will support every step as you bring your solution to market, including development, marketing and business services

The reasoning is simple. Our customers look to us for unique, powerful management solutions, therefore we strive to deliver the broadest portfolio of compatible, third party solutions. They want to maximize their ROIT investments. We want to help them simplify complex storage management.

HP has hundreds of thousands of customers, located around the world, who could be looking for a product or tool just like yours, right now. You could meet them by partnering with HP.

You win. We win. Our customers are yours: Yours are ours.

Indeed, we are better together.

**Disclaimer: Partner’s membership in HP’s SMI-S Developer Program, or any reference by HP to a member’s products, does not constitute a certification or warranty by HP with regard to the quality or performance of such member’s products.HP has not verified or tested any member’s products and is not responsible for any member’s products or the content, accuracy or completeness of any related product information.For further details regarding members or their products, go to the "meet SMI-S developers program partners"; link on this website for a connection to the member’s own website.

Additional information on the SMI-S Developers Program (SMI-S DP) and others:
» SMI-S DP contract (.DOC, 35 KB)

SMI-S DP membership enrollment
The HP SMI-S Developers Program (SMIS-DP) provides support and marketing programs and benefits to assist independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), and systems integrators (SIs) om developing their storage management solution or tool - using the industry-standard SMI-S interfact -- for HP storage systems customers.

Membership eligibility
SMI-S DP membership is open, at no cost, to ISVs, IHVs, and SIs with storage management software, hardware and tools developed against the SMI-S industry standard.

To be eligible for membership, your company first must be a member of the HP AllianceONE Program, which is designed to help ISVs, IHVs, and SIs create unique solutions across the broad spectrum of HP's platforms and operating systems.


How to enroll

If you are currently an AllianceONE member, you are automatically eligible to join the SMI-S DP. Click on apply for membership

If you are not yet an AllianceONE member, please register now.

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