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HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program
Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a new paradigm to design, deploy and manage Communication Service Provider (CSP) network services in cloud-enabled environments. NFV replaces dedicated network appliances with flexible and virtualized software building blocks on scalable industry standard servers. NFV radically reduces both the costs and the risks of introducing new network services while accelerating service deployment.

The HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program is the industry’s most effective approach for application providers to participate in the business transformation of NFV. The program accelerates partner NFV application revenue and verifies partner applications in the HP OpenNFV environment – an environment that meets the tough standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The program is a full ecosystem of people, developer resources and technology, ready today for qualified application partners, typically Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

At the core of the HP OpenNFV program is an expanding set of well-outfitted OpenNFV labs across the world that offer a unique NFV partner experience. That experience ranges from simple remote self-service testing to full on-site custom interoperability verification and high-volume network traffic testing. The labs are staffed by HP NFV technologists and Telco specialists with deep domain expertise who can help provide an independent certification of your application on HP’s OpenNFV infrastructure.

HP has a large set of NFV applications in-house from multiple vendors ready for interoperability testing - all working within the flexible HP OpenNFV reference architecture. A catalogue of completed proof-of-concept projects is also available that offer verified NFV solution building blocks. Taken together these help carriers rapidly launch new NFV proof of concept projects and help partners accelerate their NFV application sales campaigns.

HP OpenNFV Labs

In HP OpenNFV Labs, we test partner applications to validate their interoperability in complex multi-vendor HP OpenNFV environments. Current OpenNFV partner lab locations include:
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Grenoble, France
  • Tel Aviv, Israel (partnership with Israel Mobile and Media Association)
  • Seoul, South Korea (partnership with SKT)

Partners work with the HP OpenNFV Lab Manager to determine the best lab location for your application testing.

HP OpenNFV Reference Architecture

The HP OpenNFV Reference Architecture is a simple blueprint for how NFV components can be combined to create robust NFV solution suites. The reference architecture includes processors, cache, operating systems, storage, networking, switching, hypervisors, middleware, management systems, applications and other components optimized for NFV processing.

The reference architecture is scalable ranging from a base design to extreme performance configurations that can accommodate even the largest CSP network traffic volumes.

For additional details on the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program please see the Program brochure.
The following are the simple steps you can take to gain full value from the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program.

Step 1: Register

  • You must be a member of the HP AllianceOne Program to join the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program. Apply here to the HP AllianceOne Program.
  • Register to the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program. Your application will be reviewed and HP will respond to your request via email.
  • Sign the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA). At the same time you apply to the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program, download, complete and sign the CDA. Send the signed document to opennfvpartners@hp.com.

Step 2: Test your application with HP OpenNFV

HP offers three different types of testing for your application in an HP OpenNFV environment. These tests range from simple remote self-service validation to full on-site custom interoperability verification and high-volume network traffic simulation with your CSP sales prospect.
  • Review your testing options. Review the detail for each test type below. Note that you do not progress from one test type to the next, but choose a single test type based on your need.
  • Choose the option that best fits your needs. As an HP OpenNFV Application Partner you can choose the type of testing most appropriate for your technical and market requirements. All tests gain you access to HP OpenNFV infrastructure and HP specialists who can help you use it effectively. Upon successful completion of your test you will receive an insignia indicating that your application was tested against appropriate HP OpenNFV infrastructure benchmarks.

Test Type Insignia Test Description Test Goals
Standard Yes
  • Gain access to HP OpenNFV
  • “Do it Yourself” remote testing
  • Use standard HP benchmarks
  • Cost: Flat fee
  • Duration: Typically 2-4 days
  • Confirm your application runs in the HP OpenNFV environment
  • Develop hands-on skill deploying you app on HP OpenNFV
  • Minimize test time/cost
Custom Yes
  • Test on full HP OpenNFV Stack
  • Use benchmarks designed by HP and partner
  • Remote or on-site testing
  • Cost: Testing and cost based on custom Statement of Work
  • Duration: Typically weeks
  • Validate your app operates with the full HP OpenNFV stack
  • Validate your app interoperates in larger custom NFV app suite
  • Uncover ways to improve your app via real world NFV simulation
Proof of Concept Yes
  • Replicate customer environment in an HP OpenNFV lab
  • Use carrier benchmark in collaboration with HP and partner
  • Testing and cost based on custom Statement of Work
  • Duration: Typically weeks/months
  • Close a major sale for your app by showing CSP that your app works in their simulated environment
  • Prove performance under CSP’s unique simulated network load

When you begin testing your application in an HP OpenNFV lab, HP will assign a lab project manager to help ensure a coordinated effort. Likewise, partners must assign suitable project and technical talent to ensure an effective and efficient testing effort.

We will work together to ensure that all needed resources are available for your testing effort. These resources can include HP OpenNFV infrastructure, HP technical expertise, HP Telco industry expertise, HP OpenNFV partner expertise (for interoperability testing) and project management expertise (to manage to an efficient testing timeline). A Statement of Work will be used for both Custom and Proof of Concept testing to define these resource requirements and associated costs.

A worldwide HP OpenNFV lab executive oversees all HP OpenNFV labs to ensure the proper flow of resources and the effective execution of all testing projects.

Step 3: Analyze/publish your test results

At the end of your HP OpenNFV testing, the HP OpenNFV Lab Manager assigned to your test will send you the confidential results of your application testing. Depending on the type of testing you choose you may receive results for infrastructure sizing, application performance, application scalability, throughput, functional integrity and/or system utilization. HP will review characterization of testing and measures against established benchmarks and will provide this information to you.

You may choose to post all or part of your test results on HP OpenNFV Developer Resource Center (DRC) tab, which is visible to HP OpenNFV partners only.

Step 4: Publish your whitepaper

You will submit a whitepaper that HP will publish on the HP OpenNFV website. The whitepaper will give visibility to your solution within the HP and Partner field sales organizations to aid in positioning your application in the larger NFV solution environment. The white paper is a key technical marketing tool for your application to help advance your sales efforts.
  • Write your white paper. Use this template.
  • HP reviews and approves your white paper. When approved by HP, your white paper will be added to the HP OpenNFV website and the HP AllianceOne website. Additionally your company will be highlighted as one of HP’s valued HP OpenNFV Application Partners.
  • Gain visibility in the HP OpenNFV catalogue. HP will add your application into the HP OpenNFV catalogue - also published in the HP OpenNFV website. The catalogue provides visibility to the full array of partner applications that have been certified as tested in the HP OpenNFV environment.

Step 5: Ramp Sales Engagement

Once your whitepaper is approved you will receive an HP insignia that you can use in your application marketing and sales material. The insignia signifies your membership in the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program of the HP AllianceOne Program and affirms HP’s independent validation of your application. The insignia differentiates you and your application in the NFV marketplace and depending on your testing choice, can validate the interoperability of your application with other standard NFV components.

At this point we are ready to ramp sales engagement together. HP enterprise selling teams and channel partners will gain quick visibility to your application through the publication of your white paper, the entry of your application in the HP OpenNFV catalogue and the posting of your test results. They will know that your application is verified with HP OpenNFV so that they can confidently consider it as a component of larger NFV application suites they may sell.

As they work to sell NFV infrastructure solutions, co-selling and mutual revenue opportunities can be identified and advanced with your company.
The HP OpenNFV Applications Partner Program is committed to offering CSPs full freedom of choice for applications. As a partner with HP, you can be a part of this freedom of choice by joining the program and leveraging HP’s strong portfolio of hardware, software, and services as well as our deep Telco expertise. The program offers a number of tangible benefits to application partners.


  • Expand the number of NFV sales opportunities for your applications through visibility and characterization of your applications on the HP OpenNFV website
  • More easily plug into large HP OpenNFV suites by proving and expanding the interoperability of your applications with other HP OpenNFV technologies
  • Expand the marketing reach for your applications by featuring your custom whitepaper on the HP OpenNFV website
  • Gain assurance of the performance and functionality of your applications in the HP OpenNFV environment through disciplined verification testing
  • Develop hands-on skills with HP OpenNFV deployment of your applications by working with HP NFV specialists in the lab
  • Close crucial NFV application revenue by bringing your CSP prospect to an HP OpenNFV lab to prove the value of your applications with your prospect’s architecture and network load
  • Gain visibility in the HP OpenNFV catalogue of applications and ETSI accepted Proof of Concepts (PoCs)
  • Gain porting assistance to bring your applications to the HP open environment
  • Receive confidential test reporting and characteristics
The HP OpenNFV Developer Resource Center (DRC) is open to all HP OpenNFV Application partners to help answer common developer questions. You can find best practices, white papers, sample code, integration and customization techniques, demos and tips. SDKs and APIs will also be made available to help accelerate and streamline NFV application development. The HP OpenNFV DRC leverages a broad technical knowledge base to enable developers to build robust and interoperable NFV applications more quickly and confidently.

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HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program

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