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In our increasingly connected world, it has become clear that thoughtful sharing of inspiration and resources accelerates the development and application of technologies that benefit us individually and collectively. And it’s on this premise that HP and Intel have created SPECTRUM, a program designed to accelerate the development and application of technologies for Telecommunications Solution Builders.


SPECTRUM enables developers of hardware and software to deliver solutions to meet the challenges of the telecommunications markets. SPECTRUM is also an engine designed to empower developers to address market challenges with cost-effective, power efficient, industry-standard technologies from HP and Intel.

Becoming a part of SPECTRUM is simple and it’s free. But, contrary to the adage that you get only what you pay for, HP and Intel have crafted a package of benefits that make SPECTRUM unique in the technology industries.

Though the list of benefits is too long to list here, you can count on:

  • Managed access to HP and Intel specifications to guide you in the development of your solution
  • Access to HP and Intel experts for development support
  • Remote access to HP solution testing centers
  • Discounts on development equipment and tools
  • Previews of HP and Intel product roadmaps
  • Joint marketing opportunities with HP and Intel
  • Global sales and sales support resources
  • Public presentation of your product or solution on select HP and Intel websites
  • Discounts on industry analyst events and reports
  • and much, much more

A full list of benefits is available on the HP AllianceONE website.

To become a member, the requirements are few but are strictly enforced. Your company must:

  • Be an Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV), an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) providing a product or solution to the telecommunications markets
  • Own the hardware or software Intellectual Property (IP) that differentiates your product from an off-the-shelf, integrated solution
  • now have, or will have, within 12 months of joining SPECTRUM, a commercially available product targeted to telecommunication markets
  • Be committed to deploying your product or solution on HP and Intel products

The next step is yours. Becoming a SPECTRUM member requires a short, two-step application process and a commitment to sharing in the inspiration and resources of our community.

To begin, simply click the Join AllianceONE link. This is the first of two steps. When your application for AllianceONE is reviewed and approved, usually within 5 business days, you will receive log-in credentials to apply for SPECTRUM.

Your SPECTRUM application will be reviewed and a decision made in just a few days.

So, on behalf of HP and Intel, we look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you and your company into the SPECTRUM community.

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SPECTRUM: Transforming telecommunications solutions with HP and Intel

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